Hi! ARstudio is full-service VFX and Animation company created and run by industry professionals with decades of applied successful experience.


We act as collaborator for animated series, feature films including Hollywood movies, from pre-production to final delivery

and as worldwide distributor of the above

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our team, enthusiasm, know-how, and state-of-the-art technology.

We infuse every project we work on with creativity and innovation. We are ARstudio.






3D animation / CGI









Simulation and VFX


fur and hair



fire and smoke


oceans and water



tracking and match-move

keying and roto

final frame compositing





Our Unique Value Proposition are:


Fast Turnaround due to Ready-Made Solutions

Our production team works closely with our clients maintaining budget and schedules.

We ease the workload of the visual effects for our clients.

We help make the experience of producing a project unique and creative



International Team of Professionals

Our talented team have skills in all fields in the VFX and animation pipeline.

We scale talent according to project requirements. No project is too big or too small.


dir. Timo Vuorensola


"97 Minutes" is a feature film where the CG compositing artists team made a significant contribution. Our team worked with great enthusiasm and professionalism to create stunning visual effects and compositions that seamlessly fit into the story and atmosphere of the film. We integrated CG elements, added additional effects, enhanced lighting and colors, and created master shots to elevate the overall visual experience. Our team successfully tackled the assigned tasks, achieved a high standard of work, and made a valuable contribution to the creation of the captivating film "97 Minutes".


Agama film

in air 2018-2022

For the animated series Fairy teens, our team performed rendering and compositing for five episodes
with a total length of 72 minutes.


The Fairyteens TV-animated series tell a story about five little fairies (four kids and one young mentor) who live in a human apartment. They train to control their magical powers, interact with each other and cope with the dangers that exist world-wide.


OPEN Alliance Media

in air 2016-2018

JingleKids is set in Jingle City, where humans characters and furry creatures go through a number of adventures together. The series was adapted from the original children’s books (called Jingliks).




ARstudio was founded in Yerevan, Armenia to work on animated episodic TV and Feature Films productions.

Today we are a team of roughly 20 permanent staff members in addition to 40 freelance artists in Armenia, Israel, Canada, Czech Republic and Turkey.


We pride ourselves in continuously improving our production pipeline, developing new tools and adopting new approaches to help clients from all around the world to bring their ideas and visions to the screen.


No matter the format or complexity, we are ready to produce or co-produce any animation content from the short film, episodic animated TV and music video to feature film.


Core Crew:

Alex Rebrov

studio producer, lead of our management team.


Since 2015 has been working on projects in the field of CG, Web, Game development

Roman By

studio TD


Started his career as 3D generalist back in 1999 on animated feature film production. As time progressed moved along the pipeline from asset production to creature rigging and animation and then to lookdev and lighting. With experience spanning over two decades finally settled into the role of studio pipeline engineer

Maria Mer

VFX supervisor, lead of art Department.


Professional photographer with credits dating back to 2007, took CGI by storm in 2015 as a compositing artist. Started on feature films later moved to animated feature and episodic TV

Vahram Manukyan

VFX supervisor


Started his VFX career in 2007 as 3d generalist then few years later moved to focus on lookdev and lighting where he continues to this day. Credits include Feature Films and episodic TV

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